Hello, and Happy, Healthy New Year to Everyone!

2013 marks our 25th Anniversary in business as a leader in the diet food industry - and we couldn't be prouder!

Pro-Amino has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve and maintain their weight-loss goals through a wide array of tasty, nutritionally balanced, wholesome diet food choices for every lifestyle, and we’re growing stronger than ever!

It’s been quite a journey since we first opened our modest 3500 square foot manufacturing plant in 1988… What a lot of growth we've experienced since then to our currently expanded 60,000 square foot facility, complete with our fully furnished on-site research and testing lab! Everything under one roof means total quality control! That’s the way to manufacture a line of quality products!

"To know where you’re going, it's important to recognize where you've been." With that philosophy in mind, we invite you - our many valued clients, to take a nostalgic look back with us, on the Pro-Amino journey...

It was the mid 1970's. My father was a well respected doctor of nutrition, practicing for over 50 years in Montreal, Canada. Over the course of his career, he trained over 2000 doctors world-wide on the benefits of incorporating a protein-rich diet into weight loss programs for their patients. He often conveyed his frustration to me, about the poor variety of ready-made diet foods on the market to help achieve that goal. It was the combined effort of his counseling on nutrition, coupled with his recommendation of incorporating healthy, ready-to-eat diet foods, which helped his patients reach their optimal nutritional health and targeted weight loss goals. However, with nothing more than protein shakes and puddings available to recommend to them, it was often an uphill struggle for many to eat right when they were on the go, busy living their lives. How many chocolate, vanilla or (sometimes) strawberry shakes or puddings can 1 person eat before becoming bored and possibly fed up enough to quit?

Food is an integral part of living for all of us – dieters included. Food is woven through virtually every part of life. We eat throughout the day, everyday and everywhere. We eat at work, at home, on holidays, at school, at the gym, while visiting friends or relatives, and simply while travelling to and from these places and more.

It was no surprise then, that there was a very real need to broaden the spectrum of available healthy, tasty, and ready-made diet food choices, to the ever-growing population of those interested in not only healthy weight loss, but in the healthy maintenance and management of it. Have you ever lost weight through hard work and diligence, only to gain it right back because you didn't have a solid, proven, inviting and easy-to-use maintenance plan?

Enter Pro-Amino in 1988. Our mission was to bring to market, a solid, laboratory-tested formula of nutritionally sound, weight loss food products for meals and snacks which were also yummy! We worked with trusted, qualified, experienced industry professionals and kept our focus on our goal – to make it easy for people to stay on track and win!

Because our product line varied so much more broadly than mere shakes and puddings, word quickly spread throughout the land (Canada), and by word-of-mouth from one satisfied customer to the next (that’s the best PR there is!). As people caught on to the concept that a diet rich in protein was the perfect adjunct to exercise, in weight loss and weight loss maintenance, Pro-Amino grew and grew...

We then took our message to Europe. France was our first stop, and we were very well received there. Our client base expanded to include physicians and other medical clinicians operating practices with their own patients needing assistance in finding a brand which offered variety in healthy, prepared weight loss foods.

We spread throughout Europe and not long after establishing ourselves there, we entered the US market. In 1992, we exhibited at the ASBP Trade Show in Colorado. The ASBP show (American Society of Bariatric Physicians) was brimming with important, new, and exciting innovations in the field of obesity and it was "The Place To Be" to mix and mingle with the industry’s finest. Of course, tasting is believing, so we handed out hundreds of samples to attendees at the show and sent an equal number of samples out by mail to everyone who signed up to receive some. The response was overwhelming and we haven’t looked back since!

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that people want quality, taste and variety in their weight loss food products and when they get it, they stick with it!

We're genuinely proud of what we've accomplished. Not only do we offer a truly varied product mix to meet the busy lifestyle needs of our customers and our customer’s customers, but we do so at truly affordable prices, and without sacrificing quality ingredients or taste! How awesome is that combination?

Move over shakes and puddings and make room for today’s range of diet foods courtesy of Pro-Amino International Inc. From soup to nuts and bars, and almost everything in between, we've got you covered.

  • Desserts? How do muffins, cookies, wafers and soy nuts sound?
  • Breakfast foods? Sit down to enjoy a healthy protein-rich Pro-Amino omelet, pancake or bowl of oatmeal!
  • Tired of breaking your diet when supper rolls around? Have some spaghettini, chili and even (yes, you guessed it), pizza, the Pro-Amino way.

Is your mouth watering yet? We hope so! We’re proud to have offered our varied and oh so tasty menu of healthy diet foods, from our kitchen to yours for 25 years and counting!

Our success in business is the result of our second-to-none, first class team of dedicated, health conscious staff, coming together to achieve our unified corporate vision. I wish to personally thank each of them as much as I thank our valued clientele, for their inspiring loyalty through the years.

There was a time - at the very beginning of Pro-Amino, when I wore all the hats for all the departments, alone! Those were challenging times alright, functioning as the order taker, shipper, receiver, customer service person and everything in between. It sure was a blessing when Nicole Hupé came on board. Dedicated from the word “go”, Nicole jumped in with both feet, doing whatever it took to get the job done. There were times she’d even iron my shirts to help me be more presentable when I’d meet with clients, before my return and subsequent quick- change into my lab coat for product-testing! It sure was a whirlwind of activity for us back then and I remember it all very fondly. Another such dedicated team player, Marielle Asselin, joined us very early on and has remained on the Pro-Amino journey with us for the last 22 consecutive years! You see, we’re successful because we have a quality team bringing you a quality line of products, and nothing about those two elements will ever change. Thank you!